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under constructionOf cause are Matghematics and Music (the) international understood, intercultural languages, bus it's hard or eben imposible to solve your room reservatin problems in them, on the world congress to prove this.

under construction

Empirical proves/tests seem (at least us and today) to be inevitable to understand the (inner or whole) world - as well as already parts of it – in a/the propper way. Just (quite correct and strictly logical) thoughts, about its often so called 'nature' (a fortiori about 'its culture'), are to often proved to be insufficient and even misleading.

One kind of the rather hidden problems is how to and/or that you can't find out what would have happened without the - or in case of another – experiment! Well, you could often do another test afterwards and sometimes at the same time, too. Even so, not everybody is simple-minded enough to put (ceteris paribus) quietly underneath, that (all) things and happenings (always) remain the same. Not just who tries to run a reliable laboratory can tell you a thing or two about that (probability in its embarrassing contrast to fate). Time and already observation influences (at least complex) beings (even quantum mechanical particles).

But that of all mathematics (as mainly each of the modalities) is based on axioms (which could mean/be: on never verifiable thoughts/meening) might need explanation. If you don't just want to claim, that they are already proved by the factual 'functionalism' of technology; anyhow: 'in case of being wrong, our so called 'laws' of nature, therefore have to be extremely good false'. - wich neither shows, that an/the/our interpretation is the (only) correct one, nor that we are making the best use of it, now.

E.g. David Hume and the other admirable Empirists (likely including Phenomenologists) do not go fare enough: Theory is inevitable, too!


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As far as Arts of Sience wants and has to resolve baffling mysteriousness (the enigmatic nature and culture) into acquaintance: it is relativizing (putting things and happenings into [anthropo-logical] context), but does not at all play down. This apparent playing down proves to be a quite productive worry (which includes human responsibility for the outcomes of all the acts and omissions, too).

How far may / is the scientific paradigm allowed and asked to go

Psycho-logically there have to be (and analytically are inevitably) given individual answers, but historically, sociologically, economically etc. they are not found completely independent of society or various backgrounds. And logically they can neither be for ever and/or the same for everyone nor scientism or anti-scholarly in any absolutist manner. - What - as is sadly too well known - doesn't preserve people/s or politics from anything.

politics are involved




«But, you need not to be a white-knee-sock to know, that one mustn't divide by nought (0). Brecause, if that (chance) had been done, the whole Mathematics, anyhow /Arithmetics and for the most part formulary would have (to) disappeared. - So, please be very careful girls, they'll imprison you, in case you allow any (variable) factor to become zero (0) 'below the fraction line'.»

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