Coat of teaching means (at least in ladiesland).Errors And/Or Mistakes apart from those of spelling – may be(come)

aren't only your sorry, of cause, just our fault, and they are no character or construction flaw of ('the universe' – oLaM) עולם , too. – Some authorities, but none of out teachers, are (absolutely) outraged by them.

talmidahtalmidah tovahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidahtalmidah tovah

Nevertheless errors, mistakes and flaws – this, perhaps surprisingly, inevitable chance and unique opportunity to reenter reality do(es) have several consequences:

Indeed, not all of them their three different kinds, categories or sorts of – can and should always be ignored, or don’t have to be cast out completely!

 Mankind (or at least ''menkind' not just or only womanhood) has a mission, and the duty to complete, even to perfect, the 'world' עולם.

That could sound rather like just a mousetrap than – a hardly less important and even more changeable – (the) one of paradox or contradiction – at least by variation, if not of to be and to become.

It is may be surprisingly for someone – not the 'creation's' (fractal) fault that evil things and happenings, as bad as coincidences, take place – although they are just not made impossible by its (contingent) construction/existence, and 'the Almighty' שדי ShaDaY (still) doesn't (or, at least, seems not to) hinder them to happen (even to [the righteous – ZaDiKiM] צדיקים and the 'innocent', too).

Yes learning, adaptation and shaping up (superstructure) are possible – men can, and at least G'd does, oppose the currently factual! -- No, that's not the only or eternal answer to individual or collective suffer and pain. Anyway the [perfectionist/pedant not just few (house)wives are expeted to beHeb: [dakdekan] ï÷ã÷ã is the furthest from completed perfection at all.

There are about, and 'myst(eriousl)y' not exactly, three sorts of mist (banks or patches) to be mistaken:

Dem, teils so verhängnisvollen deutschen Hang zu Perfektion zuleide, die(se) drei ‚Fehler-Arten‘ hier gerne auch in dieser Sprache:

Jene Bereiche in denen alle Änderung/Neuerung als Fehler beginnt – der eben dann nicht mehr als solcher gilt, wenn viele, bis alle, ihn machen – betreffen (bis umfassen und bedrohen immerhin vorgeblich) insbesondere (ausgerechnet semiotische) Sitten und Gebräuche – ja durchaus (handelnde) Werte(interpretationen der Überzeugungen/Überzeugtheiten) – ganzer ‚Kulturen‘, nicht ohne ihre Wissens- wie Gewissheitsbestände und Verständigungsbereitschaft (bis -fähigkeit) im intergenerativen Zeitfenster.

Everything, and almost everybody, is mistakable – and not just by (didactic or evil) intention.

Nicht jeder Irrtum, jede Unterlassung und auch nicht jede Unfähigkeit respektive (gerade) Unwilligkeit ist/sind (brav vorauseilend) auf Schuld des/der Menschen bzw. Todverfallenheit zurückzuführen. Die vielmehr als Quelle von Bösem/Bosheit gelten mögen bis können.

The freedom to be(come) ...

Die (noch, bis weiterhin, Un)Vollkommenheiten von Persönlichkeiten und Welt(en) ... auf das davon Brauchbare / darin Gute zu reduzieren ist nicht die (einzige) Option konplinentärer Herangehensweisen. Freiheit ist/besteht darin einen Anfangs zu setzen (vgl. Imanuel Kant).

Not every aims, and any means to achieve them, are equally acceptable, helpful or good. Further more – there is a, or rather the, conflict: That ways are able to cancel the best goals (the argument of civilisation). But no method, boosting or combination of them, can become a/the sufficient objective.

Target, destination, aim, goal, objective.


At least seem, or even have to be expecteted in sciences and not always in arts.

An and the aim can be missed! Even and in particular that and/or those of senses. under constructionAt least Christian Theology calls a(ny) misdeed – which is actually a quite different thing and situation – 'sin', with some devastating options that follow from that misleading (lingu-politicaal) decision. under constructionWhat a strange and perhaps dangerous thought, that one should need to sin first, if one wants (or even has) to be punished?

A translater transports one to or from the other or from another side - and can ...

One can be inspired, blessed eventually become pregnant, too.

 Open 'systems', as the future/s of our 'would' (seems to be one / the prototype of), allow and/or require the development/existence of new respectively alternative looking (and/or being) ways, or perhaps that kind of goals, to be achieved.

under construction

... different qualities of errors and actions – compare those – without wisdom / intelligence   that don't tollerate mistakes (e.g. racing, competition, pp.), with those who need (smal) one(s) to become complete (e.g. beauty, harmony, love, Art(e)s – such as: music, liberal, mystical and visual ones up to, for instance, Japanese tea ceremonies).

Some (not only/hardly business) people try to convince you, that machines, robots etc. woun't make mistakes! And indeed, an atom of – let's say – oxygen has no choice how to react, (but only) under exactly defined conditions. Even in the laboratory, not every misfire of an engine is expected or welcome. And there are serious doubts, that this is just and only a question of maintenance. Furthermore, computers – apart from software bugs bet-gimel-בג, probably caused by men('s interest) – don't only have indefinite processor states, but do need (some of) them to enable operation at all (comp. their mathematical principles or the chaotic rhythm required for the biological functions of a human brain – if you mention that kind of comparison).

Ethnologists try to take part in ...

Overdone naturalism tells you, that instinctively acting animales would be right. But even that depends on the aims we are talking about. Let's, for instance, take the famous survival aspect: Who wants to deny, that several species died out, because their instincts were no longer suitable for there environment? Not to mention several hunting tricks, that use calculated prey's and bag's behaviour. And simple, life saving, human ftight-or-flee instincts are not always the best (stress-)response in (at least for them anyhow unwelcome) modern civilisations. (Asking Bushpeople and cavemen, as e.g. anthnologists systematically do, shows us: how rationally reflecting and conscious these - by no means primitive - Indians act when they use their so called 'instincts'.)

 And – perhaps even, first of all – there are people, more or less, responsible for and involved in – accidentally and/or intentionally –making (or not preventing) mistakes (human error included) or cause flaws e.g. as culprit(s) or even offender(s), and as those affected by them or even victime(s).

Love needs/at least benefits from something to forgive.

Convicted offenders have to - but other people are allowed to - wear red skirts at our school. ... Choir-girls aren't always dressed alike.

Already apart from the so difficult whose-fault-is-it-question(s); they have to be dealt with. And to say it with the words of Rabbi Yeshua (the Christian Jesus) from the Greek Bible: «Who .... under constructionshall/will through the first stone.» ..l

Persecution by ‘Kölner oder Nürnberger Trichter’ (drum [sth]. into sb. [that ...] by funnel).

The existence - mot just the actions - of police forces has an enormouse effect on every societies' stability.

'Hands on the hook (bonnet), you are under arrest!' - But they never catch all, nor always the right ones.

And those (in the 'red' skirts) who have not 'only' harmed themselves but others, too – may not just have to be hindered to repeat the/a misdeed (up to a criminal offence), but also have to make some sort of atonement (at least reparation for the society). Sometimes, srving as (victim's) maids can be quite useful and even helpful.

There may be points-of-no-return, e.g. a/your personal death or mental handicaps, but turning back (at least mentally) is, as good as, always possible. It does help a lot, but it's hardly sufficient by itself! At least to try another way is often as inevitable as attempts of compensation and reparations are (to leave a/the missed/wornig destination).

Safety helmets for learners, beginners and even profesonels are ...

Repetition – at best under safe conditions, some families or academies (but only) sometimes can provide - is an enormously important thing for learning and teaching. - But stop to repeat and emphasise the wrong things and do instead repeat and mark the right ones!

The ideal way of teaching has actually been tried out too often, and by so many generations:

Persecution by the legendary 'Cologne or Nuremberg funnel' and other 'you just have to swollow it'-central ideas – do not work sufficiently! Not even for the well behavrf ones, and sorry, there is no absolutly effortless way of learning at all – but xou needn't always feel an nasty burden.

Busily drumming somethin into her by Cologne or Nuremberg funnel.

Confession: «Ok, I wish the earth would hsve swallowed me up, there! - And yes, I've never forgotten about that any more. But no, of cause I did often offend against the same rule again and again

 (The Tanach says, that) Human beings will be able, and are allowed, to say: No ! לא [lo – Engl.: you will not have] to opportunities (overdoing included), temptations (strong and 'natural' ones included), ideas (and also to anything else, too).

Neuro-biology begin to find out, how this can work 'in'/with our brains – although there are some automatically working, very quick emotional stimulus-response procedures. We can indeed handle, if our forehead is developed fpr (it).


The organic part of the human (self-restraint) control 'center' - mainly located 'behind the forehead – seems to be (re)built and rearranged in particular during puberty or adolescence. You needn't wonder, but should act well, if things go wrong then (and mainly there).

People (sorry, not just pupils) need, (at first – very) slowly (and in small portions) repeated, emotionally charged (not necessarily always primary – but) own experience, to develop and strengthen learned/to learn aspects. Both elements (repetition and emotionality) do help, nearly compensate and even hinder each other.

A characteristics of high gifted 'white socks' is their well developed ability to lern by the errors other have ...

J.J. Rouseau's paradox of education knows, that the loss of time means to win it.

Repetition means more than once and variations makes the best effect, but emotions help to remember it again and again, too.

Emotions – positive and negative ones are rather equal 'glues', but the pleasant ones – they are much easier and efficiently to be produced, but look very differently (not only for masorchists and sadists) are anyhow inevitable/irreplaceable.

Camber of torture racks etc.under construction

Offender is decorated for the pleashure of someone.

To be exposed, or to (have/be allowed to) humble oneself, (even publicly) isn't (always) avoidable, nore without any risk of ...

And the jester's cap and bells ain't the worst case scenario of punishment (and penalty). And even bad (e.g. school/rating) marks may have similar effects.

No, it's and this here is regrettably not at all just a sex fantasy party ....

To many people were transformed into more efficient criminals by imprisonment. Yes, few offenders can never be motivated by any means – at least not by (even death) threat and/or deterrence - to (re)try their misdeeds and have to be prevented from doung it.– Too many gouvernements/societies strictly dislike to hear and hardly accept that limitations of ther power at all.






«Her sentence shall continue, to have her heart לב serving the King's pleasure bread לחם  again in the moonlight לבנה tonight לילה

(by learning or is it teaching?) ã[å]îìì

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